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The beginning of ours and yours  amazing journey

The Truly Amazing team is small, but it wants to make all the difference! In your life, in the life of the Tagus River, always with a dazzling view over Lisbon to the other bank, of course!

We are a very recent project, we started in 2021, but we are ready for the challenge and for all the fun we will have when sailing with our customers. We have in mind to enjoy every day with sun (and other cloudy ones too, why not?), from the signs of spring to the days when winter doesn't bring bad weather. We love to walk, but yours and our safety comes first!

our skipper  is Engineer Carlos Alcobia! He breathes the sea, lives the river and brings in his luggage many hours sailed and the challenge of many waves. You've had this project in your drawer for many decades and now you can make it happen.

Alongside the dream comes the reality of a well-trained, coordinated team, concern for all logistics, maintenance and safety.

To look at Lisbon is to know its history, see modernity, observe an unparalleled light and let yourself be rocked by the waves. Truly Amazing is your host on this discovery!

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